ACM to SV-COM-Xcvr Headless (AF-5000/6000 only)

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Product Description:

Harness for ACM to SV-COM (headless) fully remote radio.  Separate harnesses required depending on whether radio connects to Nav/Com 1, or Nav/Com 2 connectors on the ACM.



  • This product cannot be used with SkyView HDX displays
  • This product can be used with AF-5000/6000 displays
  • This product can only be used if multiple AF-5000/6000 displays are installed
  • This product can not be used with the SV-COM-PANEL
  • This product is compatible with SV-COM-T25, SV-COM-T8, and SV-COM-760 transceivers.
  • This product is not compatible with SV-COM-425 transceivers
  • Remote radio as COM2 on NAV/COM2 ACM connector requires relocation of ELT GPS input wire from ACM Aircraft Rear harness to ACM Backup EFIS harness
  • If an IFR GPS/COM or GPS/NAV/COM is to be installed, fully remote radio must be used as COM2 on ACM NAV/COM2 harness and connector (IFR navigators can only be plugged into ACM NAV/COM1 connector)
  • Basically, always choose NAV/COM2 harness unless you are planning a VFR panel and want two fully remote radios.  


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