Why Advanced Panel?

As an aircraft homebuilder, are you worried about wiring today’s increasingly complex systems?

The ADVANCEDPANEL process lets you entrust this important aspect of your aircraft to the people that know aircraft systems best. You can focus on your perfect panel design while we handle the heavy lifting. We take the entire process of building your avionics, electrical system, and other aircraft systems and simplify them into to a unique guided process. It starts with our expert, bespoke design services and ends with a drop-in integrated system that cuts hundreds of hours off your project.

While you spend your time completing your aircraft’s construction and worrying about your paint scheme, ADVANCED takes the panel design we collaborate on and brings it to life. You receive a ready-to-install ADVANCEDPANEL, complete with pre-configured, pre-wired avionics already installed.

After you use the simple included instructions to mate your ADVANCEDPANEL to your aircraft, you’re done. Want to fly sooner? Give AFS a call.


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