ADAHRS Modules

Every system requires one SV-ADAHRS-200 module, which connects to one of the SV-Network ports on the ACM. A 20-foot network cable "connector to pins" is most commonly used to reach the ADAHRS, but the length of this cable will vary from one aircraft to another.

An SV-ADAHRS-201 backup ADAHRS module can be added for additional redundancy. There is an adapter plate enabling the two ADAHRS modules to be mounted directly to one another, and there is a network splitter to easily enable connectivity to both modules.

Typically the ADAHRS module is remotely located in the tail of the aircraft or in a wing in order to be placed in a magnetically benign area. The SV-MAG-236 is a stand alone remote magnetometer, this is only needed if the ADAHRS module itself is not able to be placed in magnetically benign area.